Bio-feedback Electrotherapy Kit(Model:Rehabkit)

This system include Multi-Model electrical stimulation, EMG, grip, evaluation and training of muscle strength, and goniometer modules. Those modules functions are throughout the early period to later period of rehabilitation. Multi-Model electrical stimulation can increase muscular endurance, slow muscle atrophy, increase muscle strength, decrease muscle spasm and relieve pain. Also can make diagnostic and training for grip, pinch force, finger force, muscle strength and ROM. Increase Multi-media training model in every module for funny, improve active participation of patients.



1: 10 inch high definition color LCD display, touch screen;

2: 2 channels, non-invasive, portable, simple and visual, standalone device;

3: Games training modes make treatment interesting, sound prompts;

4: Flexible working modes: Electrical stimulation, EMG triggered stimulation, TENS, Surface EMG evaluation, multimedia training and template training, Grab and muscle force evaluation and training;

5: Multimedia biofeedback and template trainings make treatment no longer boring;

6: Optional PC-based central software for case management, data storage and analysis, trend review, report generation etc.


Clinical applications:

1. Dysfunction caused by the lesions of central nervous system: stroke, cerebral palsy, brain injury, spinal cord injury;

2. Denervation of the lower motor neuron injury: disuse muscle atrophy;

3. Grab, release and antagonistic force evaluate.