Bio-feedback Electrotherapy System(Model:MyoPFR)

Bio-feedback Electrotherapy System (Model: MyoPFR) is a low-frequency electrical muscle stimulator integrating biofeedback technology. It stimulates nerve or muscle through a pre-set program and make muscle tense or relax, which can achieve some kinds of movement of paralyzed muscles and improve or restore muscle and nerve functions. And biofeedback technology can acquire mircro muscle signals and convert them into visual data in real time and display on screen, it helps patients to know their progress by setting threshold freely. Combined with specialized pelvic floor assessment method, template training methods, multi-media biofeedback training and other therapy programs, therapist can choose different programs at different therapy stages.


General Version---Focus on the assessment and treatment of skeletal muscles


1: 7 inch touch screen for easy operation;

2: Up to 52 specific prescriptions are programmed for muscle treatment;

3: Powerful working modes: functional EMS, prescription stimulation, EMG triggered stimulus, TENS; SEMG evaluation, Multi-media biofeedback training, template training;

4: Specially designed multimedia training make treatment attractive and fruitful;

5: Optional central monitoring for perfect case management;

6: Applicable for patients with different muscle strength.

Some interface of multi-media training



Pelvic Floor Version---Focus on the assessment and treatment of pelvic muscles


1: Professional working modes: Uracratia stimulation, Pelvic floor stimulation, Bladder stimulation; EMG triggered stimulus, SEMG evaluation, Multi-media biofeedback training, template training;

2: Standard assessment scheme and various multimedia training make it a professional problem solver;

3: Optional central monitoring for perfect case management.