Remote Monitoring & Rehabilitation System

This Remote Monitoring & Rehabilitation System provides a perfect combination of home rehabilitation and vital signs monitoring functions. After connecting Pad with Patient Monitor or Rehabilitation device through wireless Bluetooth, user can operate on PAD to fulfill relevant functions by choosing different programs.


 1: Nice separation between home ends and hospital end, which provides a convenient and comfortable environment;

2: Perfect combination of monitoring and rehabilitation for household usage which saves costs and time;

3: Privacy protection, fashion design and more compact, free to carry it anywhere;

4: Comprehensive and powerful working modes:stimulate, SEMG, monitor, game center, custom scheme, review;

5: Upgradable to compose telemedicine service (central patient management software);

6: More function can be added: glucometer module, cholesterol module, urinalysis and so on.


Remote Patient monitoring System--- Six vital signs monitoring at home

Provide standard six parameter vital signs monitoring (ECG, RESP, NIBP, SPO2, TEMP, PR), suitable for old, weak or disabled people and those who are not fit to go out side, patient with cardio-cerebral vascular disease. It can upload the data to cloud or diagnostic.


Remote Rehabilitation System---Comfortable rehabilitation at home

Provide excellent physical evaluation and therapy function through surface EMG evaluation, low frequency electrical stimulation, multimedia biofeedback training etc. Suitable for patient with stroke, limb hemiplegia, cognition disorder, poor balance coordination ability etc. patient with spine injury, low muscle strength for lower extremities incontinence etc. infant with cerebral palsy, spasticity, poor endurance ability etc.