2013 Indian Exhibition


NCC Medical Co., Ltd has successfully attended Indian Exhibition in New Delhi, Indian from March 8th to 10th, 2013. We will be pleased to have the opportunity to present and introduce our NCC products to the world. Good impression and cooperation relations have already been made. 

During the exhibition, our comprehensive product line, which covers from EEG, EMG, Rehabilitation device and patient monitor, is very popular with both old and new customers. Face to face communication and presentation at the present provide a more visual and vivid introduction to our customers. Many customers communicate with different cooperation pattern, such as OEM and ODM, some of them even make the contract or trial order at the present. 

The MEDICA INDIA EXHIBITION not only provides the chance to introduce our products but also a great chance to exchange and learn from each other. It  helps us to learn the international medical device market and make our market strategy. Through the Exhibition, not only would we get the business opportunities, but also learn much more of the development of the medical device industry in the world.